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Although we know the world is not perfect, we’ve always found it hard to make piece with.
Since the inception of VH-ARCHITECTS by Christo van Huyssteen, he and his team have been toiling relentlessly to change the definition of acceptable,
both in design and service delivery. 

With projects ranging from home alterations to new municipal offices in various nations our core concept remains the same: Designing buildings that excites. 
By harmonizing form and function, we balance sustainability and efficiency with the rational juxtaposition of elements to create amazing spaces.
We are on a mission to breath some life into the existing urban fabric, to fix past mistakes and to make people feel happy and safe in their cities.

We make use of the latest design hardware and software to refine our design. This enables us to streamline collaboration with engineers and consultants to avoid costly mistakes during construction. With photo realistic renderings and video’s we ensure our clients are happy with the design to the finest detail. 

VH-ARCHITECTS, making your world a better place, one project at a time. 

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